Mourning My Pinky: Two Chapters In A Day

Yesterday was not a good day to be one of my digits. I finished two chapters of my re-write in a single day.

Now I didn’t start that first chapter, chapter 11 on that day, but I did start chapter 12. I ported over much of the material and thought I would think nothing more of it, But there was nothing else to do. I had finished Salem’s Lot the previous day, had watched the long awaited Tobe Hooper adaptation and caught up with an old friend over the phone. What else was there to do but write?

I started working on the re-writes for chapter 12 at noon, and didn’t stop until eight that night. Of course I took breaks to eat and let my fingers rest, but after a certain point, I figured, screw it. Let’s get this thing finished. And finished it is. At twenty seven pages, chapter 12 of my novel is among my longest. We now stand at 308 pages and 114,000 words. And there’s still a ways to go.

There’s still typos to correct, plot points to flesh out and prose to polish, and as I suspect will happen today, one more chapter to get done. Because other than a video phone call and a stroll down to Universal Citywalk, what else is there to do today but write?

But the day’s spoils were not shared by everyone. The pinky on my left hand suffered greatly.

I have this habit when I type. I only use three of my fingers. My index, middle and ring fingers, and occasionally my thumb whenever I heed to punch the spacebar, are forever pounding away at the keys. Because of that, my pinky finger forever stands curled up to it may not accidentally tap one of the keys. It’s fine for short stretches, but after six hours, that posture really begins to hurt. A lot.

With another chapter on the way, I mourn my pinky and wonder if the little fella can survive one more day of constant keyboard waltzing. But It shall happen. I have a ported chapter in front of my that I can likely finish in four or five hours, if that is even what it takes.

Maybe the trip down to Citywalk once we’re done will give my buddy a much needed rest, but I worry for his health. So I ask everyone to join in support for the smallest digit on my left hand. He needs your love and solidarity right now.

Here’s some sappy music for the occasion.


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