The Future of My Werewolves

As I come up on the ending of this book, I wonder what my next shall be. I’m certainly no slacker when it comes to writing. I may have found the answer in an earlier script about werewolves.

On this week I finished Salem’s Lot, and was able to completed a whopping three chapters of my fantasy adventure epic, more than enough to warrant a break while I shoot a short film in Northern California next week. But it’s no problem. 117,000 words and 315 pages. This book is shaping up to be everything I wanted and more. The polishing process is sure to be lots of fun this time around.

But what next? I would like to take a brief break from Never Heroes. Let the world rest a bit while I write another book and then move on to Never Heroes 2As you may recall from this previous post, I wrote a script that told the tale of werewolves partnering up with a detective to hunt a serial killer. The script was originally titled City of Wolves, but was later renamed Manhunters.

I love werewolves, and I love crime fiction, so I thought blending the two would be great fun, and it was. The script is among my personal favorite that I’ve written. It is flawed and could certainly use improvement, but it inches ever closer to what I want from it.

Only now I wonder if it would be a good book. The thought originally came when I wondered if my original plan of a career in movies would ever happen. That is a real possibility. Making a movie requires a lot of things, a cast, a crew, a budget, a studio willing to put it out, sets, special effects, you name it. With a book, you need just one thing, a keyboard and an imagination. The universe is yours when it comes to writing a book.

Perhaps I wondered if movies don’t work out, some of my scripts could make some pretty solid novels. Manhunters was one I wondered about often. How fascinating would it be to write a transformation scene. How sweet would it be to write the book from the point of view of a werewolf. How much deeper I could delve into a story, character backgrounds and pasts. How I wouldn’t have to worry about sticking to that pesky 120 page limit most scripts have. With a book, the borders are open, and everything is free reign.

I think reading Salem’s Lot is what did it. I still liked my current title but it wasn’t anything as catchy as King’s tale that blended Dracula with Invasion of the Body Snatchers (that’s seriously what Salem’s Lot is, and it’s awesome). It occurred to me that the place gave the story such a good character, and that my story, set in San Francisco, got much of its character from the beautiful City By the Bay. Golden Gate some people called it.

Only Golden Gate wasn’t a scary title. This city wasn’t one of gold but it ran red with blood. It was a Red Gate. A Scarlet Gate if you will. That sounded nice and ominous. Maybe not a final title, but it is a step above the last one just like Manhunters was a step above the first.

Yesterday the ideas were so overflowing on it I free wrote some pages, clocking in at 2200 words before returning my attention to my beloved Haiden set epic. It’s only five pages, but those five pages are right. I will post them here tomorrow, and hopefully you will agree.



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