I’m Now A Paid Writer

It was a hectic week. Several job interviews and rejections, going to a temp agency seeking work, completing three chapters on the book I’m writing, blowing through 117 pages of the book I was reading, preparing to patch a hole in the wall of my apartment, some good news and some bad. Today I got some very welcome news.

My application for MoviePilot went through. I will now receive my first ever meager payments for written work.

This had already been an interesting seven days, filled with ups and downs. My existential crisis continues with swings from optimism to bleakness, and I wonder which one I’ll finally land on. Hopefully the former because I don’t want to waste this life being a Bob Bummer.

But it had also been one of my most productive time periods, with bringing my manuscript past 115000 words and completing some 320 pages. With the cover ebbing onward and our next illustration taking exciting shape, I had a lot to be excited for.

Now I have one more thing to look forward to. I will now be able to count writing credits among my earnings. How exciting is that?

I will not be receiving too much for my work, mind you. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 dollar for every thousand views. But it’s still something. It’s still money I would be getting from what I wrote. It is the first step to making a living out of the craft, and there are few things that could make me happier.

I signed the tax paperwork and sent them my Paypal addy. It still doesn’t seem real. Maybe it will once that first deposit comes in.

I wonder what this means in the long run. Will my articles get more views because of this? How much will be added to my monthly income? Is this the second job I’ve been seeking or merely some extra creative work and money on the side? I don’t know. The future isn’t here yet. It’s still very dark outside.

Hopefully this news is the beginning of a bright dawn, and the exciting next chapter in my journey to master the craft.


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