The Thing of Evil: My New Kitten

Well, one day your shooting a short film and the next you get adopted by a kitten.

I took a drive up to Fresno a few days back to shoot a short film that has been in my heart for three years. It is called The Dragon In The Warehouse. It tells the story of two siblings, a pair of twins in their twenties, dealing with the impending death of their mother by cancer. The sister takes things seriously, preparing for what she believes is the inevitable. Her brother on the other hand becomes somewhat withdrawn. He insists that he has seen a dragon in a nearby warehouse in the spirit of a game the pair used to play. Is he just living out a fantasy to deal with the death of his mother, or is there something more to his story?

It is a little Twilight Zone style story dealing with themes of life, death, end of childhood, and holding on to that sense of wonder that just seems to come naturally when you are young. Time will tell if those themes come across onscreen, but so far we are feeling pretty good about what we’ve shot. Of course that’s not why you all are here. You want to here about the kitty.

We were in the second day of shooting and just picked up our actress when we hear a noise. A tiny meow. We figured it was coming from one of the nearby houses and paid it no mind. Then from around the corner comes bounding a little kitten, just past suckling age, its eyes wide at the sight of us.



The little feline ran over to us and immediatly tried to domesticate us. Didn’t bode over too well for our shots. I had to lean down and pet the kitten so the fucking thing would shut up while we were shooting, though now you can probably hear purring on the soundtrack.


So then I try to get rid of the kitten and put it back where it came from, nearby a dumpster. I figure it belonged to somebody. It was in too good a shape to not have a home. Maybe it did. But it seemed Mrs. Kitty wanted to adopt me.

I Christened her The Thing of Evil. And she is evil.

Adorable, adorable evil.


I’m not exactly what you call a risk taker, and it has caused me much regret over the last few years as I approach the age of thirty. I’m also a person of some faith, and I believe certain events happen for a reason. I wonder if this little spawn of Satan is my maker’s way of telling me ‘Here’s a risk to take, kid. Start taking them now or you’ll regret it later.’

So now I have a cat. Wasn’t expecting that, but I was wanting a pet sooner or later. There are many things I want to do in life apart from my art. I want to date. I want to fall in love. I wand to have kids and travel the world before I dry up like an old prune and yell at kids to get off my lawn. Those days are a long way off, but they will come. Life doesn’t last forever, much less youth.

The Thing of Evil will be the first of many chances I’ll take, hopefully leading to a long, happy, and adventurous life without regrets.

7 thoughts on “The Thing of Evil: My New Kitten

  1. Oh my gosh! So cute! How could anyone not want to take her home? πŸ˜€ I could just imagine it lying low, watching you and thinking, “Yep. That’s the one.”

    By the way, the story of your short film sounds very interesting. πŸ™‚

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