Indiana Jones Meets Harry Potter

Another day, another photoshop. After the warm reception to my previous post on Indiana Jones and the Halls of Erebor, I decided to put my favorite hero ever, Indiana Jones, into another franchise that is very near and dear to me, taking him to another realm of high fantasy and magic.

And giant snakes.

That’s right. Indiana Jones now finds himself at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is pitted against Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and his personal favorite, a deadly basilisk.

Now I know Indiana Jones was active in the 1930s and the main Harry Potter arc takes place in the early 2000s, but come on people! It is Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter! Granted, Indy could have gone to Hogwarts while Lily and James were going to school and that could have been fun, but I didn’t feel like doing that so here we are.

How does Indy get to Hogwarts? I dunno. Maybe he is invited by Dumbledore and becomes the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. They switch that teacher out every few weeks anyway. Maybe he winds up on Platform 9 3/4 while fighting some Death Eaters and makes his way to the school from there. But who cares!? We get to see Indiana Jones fight a basilisk

So without further delay, here is my latest photoshop.


Ah, such creative potential with this one. How would Indy get along with our three young stars? Would he and professor Snape actually find some common ground? How well would a fight between him and Delores Umbridge go? Probably not too well for Delores I would gather. One thing is clear. Voldemort is going to have his hands full with this muggle.

Hope you all like the eye candy.


13 thoughts on “Indiana Jones Meets Harry Potter

  1. Hahaha! Love it!

    I just thought of what Indiana would be doing at Hogwarts: searching for an ancient Horcrux. He finds it. And somehow blows up Hogwarts before he leaves. 😆

    And if there’s a traitor in the group, I think it would be angry Dumbledore (Michael Gambon circa Goblet of Fire – very angry Dumbledore). He’d start off as soft Richard Harris Dumbledore. All soft twinkles and kindly voiced. Then Indy finds the ancient Horcrux. Dumbledore goes nuts and steals it from him to turn himself into Very Angry Dumbledore.

    Oh, and Wizard Nazis are involved somehow. Lucius Malfoy is their leader. Obviously.

    As for the happy trio, uhhh…I think they’d be his tagalong characters. Kind of like three Short Rounds. With magic. 😀

    As for poor Snape, I hate to say it, because it makes me feel bad, but he’d either be the non-essential character in the “opening adventure that doesn’t impact the story at all” scene. He’d probably die from springing some sort of trap. Or he’d be a random professor at Indy’s school who gives him information about the Horcrux. And he’s never seen in the story again. 😦

    😆 Can Umbridge be the required love interest? Just for the weird, messed up fun of it? 😆

    Hmm. That leaves Voldemort…. Hmm. Oh! He’d be the Horcrux’s dark guardian that Indy must defeat. 😀

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