After Days Of Writing, Back To The Book

The last few days I have been writing just about everything except my book.

I just arrived back from Ohio day before yesterday. That was a busy day, picking up the Thing of Evil (my new kitten) from the pet store, cleaning up my apartment, and figuring out my issues with the internet.

Then I was offered a script reader and reviewer position at a film festival that may not pay much, but something is better than nothing so the saying goes. I spent all day yesterday reading the script and writing a review to get it out before I went to bed.

Then came MoviePilot. I had two articles ready to be written, and figured one of them wouldn’t take too terribly long. It would give me the opportunity to earn a little more from that site as well, and that could hardly hurt.

All told, I spent six hours writing yesterday, and not a single word of it was prose fiction. I guess writing actually is work, rewarding though it is.

So here’s the article I wrote for MoviePilot. Top 10 Black & White Horror Movies That Are Still Very Scary.

Today I had a short shift at the store, a quick four hours from 5 to 9 in the morning. I now have a full day ahead with not a lot to do, except one thing.

Today is a fine day to write a book. I have six or seven hours left before I need to get to bed, and that may be just enough to wrap up another chapter. Maybe even start on another. I plan on finishing this draft before my next vacation, which will happen in a few weeks time.

With all the extra writing I’ll need to do, it will certainly be a chore. I know right now I’m not exactly grounded in the mythical world of Haiden. Give me a few minutes though, I’m sure it will all come back. I’ve been off this book for a few weeks and the ideas have been building up for some time now. The dam is about to burst.


4 thoughts on “After Days Of Writing, Back To The Book

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