First Day Back – Another Chapter is Done

Greetings all from everyone’s favorite aspiring high fantasy novelist.

Well I took a good deal of time off my book for the holidays. Two weeks as it were. I was worried that getting back into the swing of things would be far more difficult than it turned out to be.

The day before yesterday, when I opened up my word document for the first time in as many days, I wrote over 4k words, completed 10 pages of material, and was able to bring chapter 14 of the book to a close. The night ended with me porting over some materials for chapter 15, which is still in progress and will likely be wrapped by either today or tomorrow.

It has honestly felt pretty great. My leading man (or rather leading fire breathing lizard) has a very distinct voice in how he narrates, and I always fear while writing the prose that I’ll somehow lose him. But after a few moments of short pondering, he came back and in a big way.

Also there were the little details that always make writing a joy. I often find that, at least with me, small touches in the prose of character actions or dialogue help bring a scene to life.

For example, earlier in the book I had my heroes go to a stable run by a foul mouthed old sailor. The scene as it was was pretty bland, but necessary to the plot. While doing this latest draft I just had the idea to turn the sailor into a 12 year old girl, with every bit as foul a vocabulary. And we all know how most parents are with language, so while the girl is delivering her profanity laced exposition, she is occasionally interrupted by her bother yelling at her to watch her tongue. What was one of the most boring scenes in the book was thus transformed to one of the funniest, all from simply changing the age of one character.

Yes, little details have been a major lifesaver for me. So much material that is good and funny, even a little sad. During this last chapter, those little tidbits were not in short supply. Easiest 10 pages I’ve ever written.

Now chapter 15 is five pages in, and for the most part this will be a port, so it should go pretty quickly. After that comes chapter 16, 17, and maybe even chapter 18 if this book turns out to be longer than I anticipated. It is already a chapter thicker than I originally thought it would be. Not that I am complaining.


2 thoughts on “First Day Back – Another Chapter is Done

  1. What an inspiring first day back! It sounds like your brain was busy working even when you weren’t.

    I love your example of using a foul-mouthed 12-year-old to add interest to what would otherwise be a dull scene.

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