Struggles With A Re-Written Climax

I finished writing another chapter of my book last night, so now I am on the home stretch for this draft. For the first time in a while, this blank page scares me. This will be the most drastic undertaking since the book first began, as I am re-writing some 80% of my climax.

This drastic undertaking began with two things. One was a fruitful time with a very talented editor. My original climax was (and still more or less is) an almost two chapter long fight scene between two dragons, one good and the other evil. I wanted to finish it with a Godzilla style monster mash as the Kaiju genre was a heavy influence on this fantasy adventure epic.

Plus two dragons punching each other is awesome.

My editor called the two chapter brawl tedious. I had tried to spice it up, make sure the action didn’t get repetitive, and divide it up into distinct acts. Still, while I was going through my edits, I wasn’t having fun. It didn’t occur to me at the time that if I wasn’t having fun editing it (as I had in so many other chapters), the audience probably wouldn’t have too much fun reading it.

Then the answer to my troubles came.

I had two other characters who will eventually become the main onscreen villains of the series. They were so well built up, had some great moments together, and were an all around great addition to the story. Problem is they kind of drop out of the book shortly after they have their first on page scenes. I was worried that audiences wouldn’t be able to connect with them given their short page time.

They were not present in the climax. That’s when it hit me that they should be there. They should be in the tick of it, making things as difficult for my heroes as possible. Surely this would spice up the action just the way it was needed, and bring this book to a more exciting, extravagant and satisfying conclusion.

I have many ideas on just what to do, and am confident I can pull it off. It is just that first step that I must take tonight in order to get the ball rolling. I aim to write my daily 2k words and at least get started on setting up this sequence. Funny thing. I don’t know if I have two chapters left to write for this book or three, depending on how long this battle will last.

My fear doesn’t come from lack of ideas. It is because I have so many ideas, I am not quite sure just how I will sort them out. It is going to be a tough ride to the summit of the mountain. I can see the top. I know my ending. It had often been told to me that the ending is the hardest part of any story. That is not the case with me. With me the ending is one of the first things I figure out as an ending helps tie together the themes and ideas I want to explore. The beginning is the first slice of bread and the ending is the second.

The real trouble is always what sort of things you want to put on the sandwich.


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