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As someone who is deeply passionate about narrative fiction, film has always been something that deeply fascinates me. As such, one always wants to share their thoughts on movies and what they meant to them. Recently I was finally given a platform to try that out on, and it has been quite the adventure.

Working for MoviePilot has been a real treat, though it has taken some of my resources away from the novel. But no matter. Life as a paid writer has been extraordinarily fun and has given me a platform to speak about film. I have thus far earned 38 dollars. Not a lot, mind you. I still very much need to figure out a good formula to get my articles maximum hits. My last three didn’t exactly break a thousand.

Still, working on all of these has been a real joy, and I would like to share them with all of you.

My first article is a list of 10 Black and White horror films that in spite of their age, still scare the audience pretty good. The next is a retrospective on the original Westworld, the movie that inspired the hit HBO tv series. After that is a brief list of top 10 underrated sequels. After that is a little quickie on top 10 greatest movie taglines.

Hopefully soon these will be getting more hits. We shall see. In the meantime, please enjoy these pieces as I’m very proud of all of them. Please feel free to share as every little bit helps.

10 Black And White Horror Films That Are Still Very Scary

While Waiting For Season 2 Of ‘Westworld’, Watch The Original Classic

10 Sequels That Deserve a Second Chance

10 Taglines That Sell Their Movies Perfectly

Thanks for reading and I will be checking back with all of you soon.



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