The Ideas Have Already Begun

It has been four days since I completed my 6th draft of my novel, the fantasy adventure epic Never Heroes. Though the draft is done, the writing continues. It there is one thing I’ve learned about this writing oriented head of mine, it’s that the old fella doesn’t much like to rest.

The ideas have already started coming in.

It is a curious thing about writing. Sometimes your best ideas only come when you have bad writing in front of you. That’s really where writer’s block comes from, fear of writing crap. Sometimes however, that’s the best way to write good stuff. Write some crap and then you can look at it, recognize why it is crap, and fix it.

This is not to say I believe my novel is crap of course, but it is not without its issues. Now that I can see the issues, that is one step closer to fixing them.

To edit a draft may well be the most fun you’ll have during the writing process. For instance you’ll see a bad line of dialogue in front of you, you’ll look it over, write an alternative, and then you can pat yourself on the back for giving your story an extra bit of spice.

Still, I’m working to restrain the old neural pathways. I have some other scripts that need a good fixing instead. I’m mainly focusing on Scarlet Gate, my werewolf script. Aside from the novel, that script is the one project I have that’s the closest to where I want it. I figure focusing on another nearly completed project would be a much better option than just starting a new one right out of the gate.

I’ll be starting more new ones once the book has been finished proper. Hopefully I can restrain myself from jumping directly into the sequel.



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