Godspeed Lady Spielberg: A Tribute To Leah Adler.

Last night I got a text from a friend informing me that Leah Adler, mother of Steven Spielberg and restauranteur extraordinaire, passed away at 97. She went peacefully as I understand, in the company of family and friends.

I was fortunate enough to meet Leah a few years ago, and it is an evening I shall always treasure. It is easy to forget when you look at someone famous that they are people just like the rest of us, fortunate though they are. Steven and Leah shared a wonderful relationship for these last 70 years, and my heart goes out to him and his family for suffering this terrible loss.

Many articles have flooded the internet about her passing, and most of them I’ve noticed don’t really talk about her as a person too much. This is a shame as Leah was a very unique human being who even without her family’s fame is someone I would have loved to know better. After searching the internet, I decided to put together a little tribute to Leah, talk about her life, her outlook, some experiences she had with Steven, and the night that I was lucky enough to meet her.

Aleha ha-shalom.

I am blessed to have known you, however brief.

The Lady With The Peter Pan Haircut: A Tribute To Leah Adler


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