The FINAL Final Edit: A Third Completed

Editing a novel is one of the most enjoyable parts of the writing process. Once a piece of writing is in front of you its much easier to see what needs fixing and what is fine. After ten years and six drafts of the first in the Never Heroes fantasy adventure series, we are now a third of the way done with our final edits.

In this 18 chapter book, we’ve now completed 6 chapters of edits, wrapping up our 4 chapter 1st act and strolling two chapters into act number 2. On this journey we have deleted some 1039 words from the 162,140 word manuscript. I expect to cut and re-write much more as the journey goes on, though a few short passages here and there will require some re-writes, including the addition of an entire scene.

Still though, a third of the way done. Feels pretty good to have reached this point. In three or four days we will complete chapter 9 and cross the halfway point.

Finishing the first act was a major relief. The first quarter of a story is crucial, making sure all your characters are set up and the plot is a coherent sequence of events. It is also the part of the story I’d worked most on, so now we’re on the way to the new material, which I’ve quite enjoyed working on.

It is fun to see all the little details I’d forgotten since I wrote it. General Faridion Rort’s love of sunflower seeds and his habitual offering of a handful to our rather large dragon protagonist, attention to detail on the carnivorous plants in the Ankeerean Blood Jungle, more instances of the dragon language which I wrote specifically for this series. All of these have assured me that after much work, the planet Tygan and the country of Haiden are places. Bound in words they have become real along with the characters that inhabit them.

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein excitedly screaming after his creation was brought to life by lightning. It’s alive.

I expect to finish this run through towards the beginning of next month, and then we shall begin the long, monotonous process of letting it loose on the world.


One thought on “The FINAL Final Edit: A Third Completed

  1. I think you may be the first writer ever to publicly admit they find editing enjoyable! 😀 but I agree with you. It’s a different kind of creativity from the initial creation, but creative none-the-less. 🙂

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