My Book Is Finished (For Real This Time)

By everything that is holy and divine you cannot possibly know how great it feels to type that sentence, but also how strangely sad it feels, but it is done. At 18 chapters, 414 pages, and 152,314 words, the fantasy epic Never Heroes is a completed book.

This book, with is colorful cast of heroes and villains, has been a major part of my life before it even had a name. The story of a red dragon who is unexpectedly forced to transform himself from a villainous tyrant to a selfless hero is an amalgamation of pretty much every piece of creative fiction that defined my youth. Writing this book was the act of putting it all together and giving it a name.

I went through many drafts of this book, this draft being my seventh. I remember when the third draft was finished, and I thought it was done. When I hired an editor to help tweak out 4th draft, I thought we were just going through the final tweaks. Instead it revealed faults in the story that I already saw, but for whatever reason I was afraid to fix.

To start the sixth draft took a lot of courage from me. I wondered if I could ever bring the story to the vivid life I wanted. But after all the re-writes I’ve done, it’s here. Never Heroes is now a living thing.

I am relieved, yet I’m still sad. Following these characters on this journey has been a life saver for me. They have kept me sane while trapped in the mundanity of my job, and gave me hope that perhaps all this effort was leading to something greater.

Never Heroes has become greater than me. I guess that’s the goal of any parent.

Kind of touching on some weird stuff here, so lets get back on track.

What is next for these characters and this book? Well now that the book is much better, it should be a much easier sell to an agent than the disjointed mess we tried last time. No re-reads, no massive plot changes, no new drafts. This is it. I get the feeling that once I can figure out a good query letter, we might get a few more yesses.

Of course we may not. I could be seeking out an agent for years, maybe even have time to write the sequels to this book before someone takes it seriously. In that case, there’s always the possibility of an E-Book.  We do have plenty of materials to show what with illustrations and artwork. We can make this download worth the money.

More immediately, we will be publishing the new versions of the first three (and possibly four) chapters on this page for all of you to enjoy. They will be coming out every few days starting this week. We hope that you’ll agree we have something special.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I know it has been a long ride, but we do have a book now. It is eager to be read.



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