Chapter 2 Is Up, Marking A Big Change In Our Previews!

As promised, the second of three preview chapters for our fantasy adventure novel Never Heroes is now available for viewing on our website, and apart from the writing not being an experience of hair ripping agony, this marks a significant departure from all preview chapters we’ve posted in the past.

Once more, Never Heroes follows a red dragon attempting to reclaim a stolen piece of treasure who soon finds himself roped into something far more interesting.

Originally our leading man/colossus of fire and death went to consult with a character known as Saar’Jya, a dragon deity for chapter 2. After reading and re-reading the book numerous times however, I felt this chapter was an unnecessary stopping point. It irritated me to edit because it was boring, and I assume if it was boring for me to edit it was also going to be boring to read. Because of that, as was decided last year, this version of chapter 2 got the axe.

Pity, because we’d already done this pretty cool illustration for it.

Zhyx the Red Dragon and the Dragon Goddess

There were some things I liked about it to be sure, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the sake of flow, and that’s just what we did. The chapter was basically one big info dump anyway, and most of the information in it could be easily delivered at later points in the story. With it out of the way, we could move on to a much more significant chapter that served as a much better trend setter for the remainder of the narrative.

Chapter 3 (now chapter 2) has far better character development, more critical exposition, more action, more humor, and just more of what attracted us to this novel to begin with. What’s more exciting is we’ve now made room for a later Chapter that has taken up the coveted  ‘3’ mantle, which serves as a much better stopping point than the chapter you’ll be reading today. That chapter will be posted Friday.

You can read Chapter 2 of Never Heroes by following This Link!

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Chapter 1 Right Here!

Endless thanks to all those who helped us get here. We hope you enjoy this preview of our book.


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