Our Sneak Preview Finishes With Chapter 3!

Well, it has been a week of posting chapters for my first book, the fantasy/adventure story Never Heroes. You’ve followed the misadventures of our fire breathing leading man for two chapters, and now on this exclusive peak you’ll follow him for one more. Follow our dragon as he continues his search for his missing treasure, a journey that takes him right into the heart of the warrior’s haven of Ganbury where he learns not only more about the thieves he’s pursuing, but the boy he’s using to find them.

The chapter you’re about to read was initially Chapter 4 of our book, but as mentioned before the original version of Chapter 2 was cut for pacing issues, shifting all of our chapters backwards. Now this chapter has a nice home in the number three spot, and proves a very satisfying end to this sneak preview of our book.

Or at least I hope so. I suppose we’ll find out once y’all read it.

You can read Chapter 3 at this link.

Our links to all three chapters can also be found at the bottom of this page here.

And that marks the end of our previews. The remaining 15 chapters will not be seen until they grace the printed page, and my associates and I will be doing our best to make sure that happens as soon as possible.


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