Happy Alien Day, 2017. Here’s An Alien Poem

Well, we’re once again on the 26th of April, making this 4/26 of the year twenty ought 17. That makes this Alien Day, one of my favorite pop culture celebrating days of the year.

Yes, more than May the 4th.

The past few weeks have been exciting for me building up to this occasion. For one my MoviePilot page has been gaining increased traffic due to my, some would say excessive Alien themed posts. What can I say? I love Alien. I even had the privilege of getting one of my articles shared by Lance Henriksen, who portrayed Bishop in Aliens and Alien 3. That was pretty exciting.

The Alien has always been a creature that fascinated me. I always found the beast darkly beautiful, and wondered just what their civilization was like. This was aided in no small part by the games which allowed you to explore the world from the Alien’s perspective, something I always found fascinating.

I’d certainly never want to meet an Alien, especially not a facehugger. But this is a creature I continue to admire from afar.

To honor this occasion, I decided to write a poem from the Alien’s perspective. I hope you all enjoy it.



You fear the darkness, but to me it’s the light.

You kill without reason, yet I give your death purpose.

You cling to crude concepts, which to me are all worthless.

To you I’m a monster, but to me you are less.

To me you’re the air, and I draw you to breath.

Every breath that I take, to you is a nightmare.

Is a monster really all you can see?

Or do you know that I’m more, and is that what you fear?

You draw plans to cage me for something unknown.

When I’m not you’re monster, you think I’m your tool.

Beware though, fool, for no bars can hold me.

I’m not a monster to fear, but you should fear me.

It may not be the best poem, but it is one I’m proud of. Hope you all enjoy it. I’m also sharing a few articles I wrote for MoviePilot to celebrate the occasion, one a retrospective on Aliens, and one that goes into detail how the Alien is portrayed in the sequel. Hope you all enjoy them, feel free to share, and let’s all have an awesome, acid drenched day.


One thought on “Happy Alien Day, 2017. Here’s An Alien Poem

  1. Last weekend I introduced my 12 year old daughter to Alien and Aliens. She is desperate to see the rest of the movies now, including the Predator tie-ins. A chip off the old block 😀

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