Query Letter Adventures

Last week we began the adventure again. We have begun sending out query letters to search for an agent for Never Heroes.

I first sent out Query letters a little over a year and a half ago, around August of 2015. Back then the book had a different title, one that was pretty damn terrible. Zhyx: An Unusual Adventure. Would you read that? Because I wouldn’t.

I raked in some pretty impressive rejection letters before deciding maybe the book just wasn’t finished. After getting some good feedback (like how much the title sucked), we began a massive rewrite of the material that finally came to an end a few months ago.

Can’t believe it’s been this long. In previous posts I said my last queries were in 2016, and I honestly though this was the case. It seems more time had gone past than I thought, but I’ve become all the better a writer for it.

Last week we sent out a total of 9 queries. One responded and said they weren’t interested, and another requested my first 5 pages. We shall see where this goes. I know I’ve got at least two agent websites to go through, and that will take up much of my time over the next few months.

In the meantime, it feels good to be getting this out there once more.


Latest World-building Article

Been a while since I put up a world building article, but given the book is done and we’re getting ready to send out those queries, I figured having another go at a golden oldie would help prepare me to write the sequels.

My cousin Cullen, who has this amazing page you should totally read a lot, recently did some new renders on a sword for one of the characters for the book, the treacherous Sir Slight Fairborn, originally named Slight Owand before I realized that name was stupid. As usual, his work is impeccable, capturing the fine nature of this blade to perfection.


I also thought it best to re-write some of the mythos surrounding Sir Slight and his family, given the previous article that has since been deleted made the entire family more or less unambiguously evil from the start. Such writing makes things more simple, but I’ve always been fond of more complicated stories. I thought maybe writing the family itself to be overall some pretty great people with only Slight being the bad apple would make the story more interesting.

I’ve included the world-building article in THIS LINK. Give it a read and feel free to comment.