Why The Silence? Message From The Author

Greetings to all of my few yet loyal WordPress followers. It has been a month since I sent the message that the book was finished and I was sending out query letters as well as starting other writing projects. Since then you all have been subject to a pretty deafening silence. What happened? Well I feel you’re owed an explanation.

Things have been pretty rough on a number of fronts. Feeling decidedly down in the dumps, suffering a bad case of writer’s block and money is getting tight enough that I may just move out of Los Angeles within the next year. This has been pretty upsetting for me not so much that I’m in love with the city and will miss it (there is plenty about LA that I cannot stand), but me honestly wondering if there’s any other place I can find the opportunities that are here.

Still, things on the writing front are moving forward. We did get an interested query for Never Heroes, though they said the book was too long and they’d be willing to see it if I resubmitted it and cut it down. I’m in the process of doing that right now, which will not only increase the odds of it getting picked up by this publisher, but also help other agents and publishers give it more thought.

So far we’re up to chapter 6 and I’ve cut out about 12,000 words, bringing us from 152,000 to around 140,000 words. I suspect we’ll be able to get down to about 120,000 words, even less if we’re lucky. But it’s fat and the story will be all the better without it. I also may end up re-writing my first two chapters. They are leftovers from earlier drafts and because of that I’ve always felt troubled about them. Everything after that by contrast? I’m pretty happy with it even if it could lose a few pounds.

As things settle down, I’ll try to check in here more regularly. Hopefully we’ll be getting some good news soon. Will probably be a while before the big day, but with a little luck it will come eventually.


4 thoughts on “Why The Silence? Message From The Author

  1. 152,000 words! That is way too long for a book, but at least the publisher was willing to take another look at your work, so that’s good =) I wish you the best!

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  2. Good news is I’ve looked up successful queries by first time writers for longer books, one being 156,000 words. It’s not unheard of, but every cut I make will increase my chances. Good news is it’s easy figuring out which stuff to cut.


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