Six Chapters In, 13K Words Out

As the days wear in with my edits of my book, it seems my target of cutting 50k words out may not be so far out of reach. Over the last several weeks, I’ve been going through my novel, which I was always worried was too long. I’ve been trimming down prose and cutting out unnecessary blocks of dialogue and even entire scenes in order to streamline it, all with the goal of bringing it as close to 100k words as possible, the maximum length people tend to accept from first time writers.

I never thought I’d be able to actually reach that goal. Surely I could get it down to 120k, maybe even 110k, but going all the way down to 100 was not very likely.

It seems now that dream may not be too far out of reach. Today I finished edits on chapter 6 of this 18 chapter book. We’re about a third of the way done.

Since starting, I’ve been able to cut out some 13k words. If I maintain that average throughout, I’ll manage to excise an additional 26k words, bringing the total to down 113k. That alone is good news. I do wonder if I could go farther though. Maybe go all the way. Bring it down maybe not quite to 100k, but at least around 105k or something to that effect.

Whatever the case, the book is already looking much shorter, with only the absolute best left in it, which will make it a lot more attractive to any agents and publishers who come calling. 113k words is in sight, but I wonder if we can do better.


One thought on “Six Chapters In, 13K Words Out

  1. I’m impressed by your cutting! I’m facing a similar problem. My much-edited draft just came in at 156k words, and I really want to it down to 120k. But I’ve already cut so much. Your progress gives me hope. 🙂

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