20K Words Gone & Half A Book Left To Edit

Three days into a three week vacation back to the midwest, I’ve taken the time to get back to work on editing and sprucing up my first book. It’s overall been a pretty good experience, reassuring me that My work is not the trite I feared, and it’s also helped me cut out the more dull bits.

After receiving some constructive feedback on my manuscript length from a recent query letter, I decided to go back through the story and cut out whatever fat I could. I have thus far managed to bring the total word count down from 151K to 131K, cutting out a total of 20K words. To clarify, this is over three chapters worth of material.

Honestly I’m surprised, pleasantly so, at just how much of the story is coming off. I’ve not really deleted an excessive amount of scenes. Mainly I’ve just been cutting or re-writing lines of dialogue I don’t like and shortening bits of prose so they don’t seem to overindulge so much. Thus far? I’ve maybe cut out one scene and that’s about it. I may lose one more by book’s end. Depending on how much I cut from one chapter, I may end up editing two chapters into one. Not necessarily a bad thing, if you ask me.

I’m not too confident we’ll reach out goal of 100K words, an ideal maximum for a first time author, but we’re already a good deal shorter than we were, losing the mediocre bits of this narrative so only be best is left behind. Even if we don’t reach that goal, being shorter will defiantly help the book’s chances during the search for an agent and publisher.

Thanks for everyone who has stuck with us so far. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before this story finds its way to print.


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