Oops: A Few Crucial Moments Missing From My Book

As artists, we can’t help but get egg on our faces every now and then. This is especially true with stories. A story is a very complicated thing, and working on one for so long, sometimes your thoughts get a little jumbled. That’s precisely what happened to me since I just found out in my latest draft of my book, I forgot to include a few moments that while small are very crucial.

During my last edit, I got the idea of moving one scene of dialogue into another later moment in the book as it felt more appropriate for the characters. It was a crucial bit of world building that explains a power my lead character has, one that has serious impacts on the story in the final act. Another sequence was cut due to pacing, but as a result it actually diminished a moment in the climax which served as a defining character moment for my unlikely hero.

I honestly did believe I re-wrote the once sequence in the later chapter, and it was only after cutting the latter sequence that I realized how well it set up the scene in my climax. The scenes are not terribly long. Together they at best run about 800 words, but this served as a testament to me just what a few words could mean for a story. Today, starting my (good God please let this be the) final run through of the manuscript, and my first order of business was to put these two scenes back into the story.

Lucky for me the two moments fit well together, one actually serving as a decent transition into the next. They both conveniently fit into one chapter. Makes my job easier for sure.

What did I learn? Well, for one I really need to perk up my organization skills. Obviously something upstairs got jumbled for a mistake like this to happen. Maybe it’s also a sign that I’ve been working so hard on this thing that I need to take a bit of a break. Even during my vacation I found myself at the keyboard, pounding away and bringing my book down to a reasonable level.

Of course there’s something positive to say about all this. I did catch it.


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