Never Heroes Chapter 1: New Version Uploaded

Everybody’s day is a little brighter when dragons are involved, which is why I’m happy to share our latest progress report with all you.

As mentioned before, I’ve been hard at work and polishing the manuscript for an interested party. For all newcomers and those who need reminding, my book is Never Heroes. It tells the story of a dragon who becomes an unlikely hero after being blackmailed by a group of adventurers. The first three chapters have been posted on this blog to give a little taste of this book which has been both my greatest joy and the bane of my existence these last three years.

We’re currently working on the new pages for chapters 2 and 3. Currently the old pages still have the previous versions which required a lot of editing. We’re working on fixing those up now and including the illustrations and concept art we’ve accumulated over the last few years.

In the meantime, please enjoy chapter 1. It no doubt has the occasional stray typo because I’m terrible with that sort of thing, but aside from that this is about as good as it’s ever gonna get. It is my sincere hope that it’s enough to entertain you.

So please, without further delay, sit back and enjoy Never Heroes Chapter 1: The Great Red Wyrm.

Thanks for your time and we’ll be seeing you tomorrow with Chapter 2.

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