Never Heroes Chapter 2: New Version Uploaded

Yesterday I posted the updated version of the first chapter of my book, the fantasy/action epic Never Heroes. That chapter represents the first segment of a three part sneak preview. Today we’re posting the second part, our updated version of chapter 2.

Zhyx the Red Dragon meets River

After what was hopefully an exciting chase through his lair, our dragon protagonist has taken flight to track down a pair of thieves who have stolen his favorite treasure. Following a conversation he overheard, the wyrm flies to a Tomb they stated was along their escape route. He doesn’t find them, instead coming across something, or someone, of far greater significance.

This used to be chapter 3, but the original chapter 2 was cut as it was little more than an info dump. Like chapter 1, this part of the book has gone through some of the least amount of changes since I started, containing a lot of my shortcomings as a writer a few years ago. So we went through it again, re-wrote much of the prose, and fixed a few small narrative problems here and there to vastly improve both its pace and content.

We’re happy with how this one turned out and hope you agree that it continued the fun thrills of chapter 1, something that we aim to carry all the way to the final page.

So please enjoy Never Heroes Chapter 2: The Flatlander. Let us know what you think, feel free to point out any pesky typos that may have slipped through, and most importantly have a blast.

All content is trademarked.


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