Anybody Have A Work of Fiction You Really, REALLY Hate?

When we all come across a work of fiction, no one ever goes in wanting to hate it. Be it a movie, book or video game, everyone wants to take something positive away from the experience because that’s what art should do. Even stories that are otherwise downbeat may carry come important lessons to apply out in the world. But what about when that doesn’t happen? What about when a story gets to you in such a way that it becomes very hard to let go?

I think we all have at least one that whenever we hear about it our blood comes to a boil. This is especially true of sequels or installments in a series that had a large impact on us. Why is this? Honestly, I think it’s a little bit more complicated than being unsatisfied with the story. It may be something far more personal.

I think foundations have a lot to do with it. Most can handle a bad sequel as long as the fundamental nature of a favorite story is unaltered. After all, it’s that nature that appeals to someone in the first place, so if another installment comes along and says ‘Yeah, that thing you liked about the series? Turns out it’s not true’, most people might not be so willing to jump on board. If you open a book looking forward to a story about the ocean and suddenly find out you’ve been reading about the desert the entire time, that might get under your skin.

But the most important reason I think this happens is there comes about when certain stories become more than stories. Good art has a more profound impact on someone than providing a few hours of entertainment. It changes people, leading them down new directions and pathways in life. Great art is more than entertainment. It’s a teacher.


People don’t like to see a teacher change.