Short Story Streak

This has been without a doubt my most productive month of writing in some time. I just can’t stop writing short stories. I’ve put the finishing touches on one, completed drafts of two additional ones in less than 24 hours, and am on the cusp of completing the draft of another one as early as tomorrow.

I just can’t stop writing.

What has changed recently? Ridding myself of the flawed draft of what was to be my first novel has defiantly been a major help to me. One of the reasons I wasn’t so confident about my work was my constant attention given to a story that, deep down, I knew had fundamental flaws that I just wasn’t willing to overlook. Moving away from it and writing anew on the other hand has reassured a lot of my various anxieties. I’m writing stories that I’d love to read.

What have I noticed with this unexpected bout of creativity? My prose and dialogue for one have vastly improved since I went to work on my book over three years ago. Some of the more creative language that goes with a book just seems to come naturally.

I’ve also formed much better habits as a way of combating writer’s block. Before I’d pace around a room in desperate search of an idea. Now if I have trouble forming my thoughts into words, I need only reach for the nearest book and read through a few pages. It’s kind of like recharging a battery. The words on the page give my head some good extra juice, just what I need to power up my pages.

I’ve thought abut short form fiction before, but never really got around to it. I suppose I figured my work was better concentrated on long form work. Perhaps that was a little arrogant of me as short form fiction has proven a lot of fun. I never thought that simply writing a short story could bring such a feeling of accomplishment, but when all is said and done, there’s still a finished story in front of you once you hit that final period key on the manuscript.

I’m still submitting to magazines. i think I’ve hit twelve so far and already got my first rejection letter!

Okay, maybe I’m not so happy about that last part, but at least I’m submitting work I’ve got some faith in.

Unsure if any of these stories will be published on this blog since many of these publications forbid it, but if they have an online venue, I’d be more than happy to link any of my material back here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a story about a couple of hunters running afoul some monsters in Kentucky that demands my attention.



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