Back To Film Journalism

For most of 2017, I was working my first paid writing gig, a small job writing editorials for an online film magazine known as MoviePilot. I may not have earned much, but sharing my opinions to be read by so many people was a pleasure. In that time, my work was even noticed by actors Tom Noonan and Lance Henriksen, who shared my articles on their pages and earned me more recognition.

MoviePilot unexpectedly closed its doors in October. While it didn’t put any financial stress on me, it was still sad to see this creative venue go.

But all wasn’t lost. Many of us got together and decided to start over, so we pooled our resources and started a magazine of our own, a little place called ScreenHub. Today I am pleased to announce that our first article has been completed, this one on the much anticipated sequel to Halloween from Blumhouse. It was written by yours truly.

It feels good to be back in the saddle with a nice little corner of the internet to call our own. Who knows? Maybe this little venture will lead to something.

Give this article a read and be sure to visit our page. All the best.

via Why Blumhouse’s Halloween Could Be The Best Sequel Yet


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