One Chapter Down & Chapter 2 Starting

It has been an interesting and turbulent time in my life to be sure. I started this blog three years ago as an ambitions optimist with big dreams. Three years on and none of those ambitions have come true and I’m now a high strung depressed wreck of a person. About the only thing about me that has improved is my writing.

The coming weeks will bring some big changes. I came out to Los Angeles to chase my dreams, and thought I’d find a home in this bustling metropolis. Instead I found a place that was as cold and apathetic as the asphalt was hot on a summer day. I now look to my coming journey back to the midwest with a lot of apprehension and very little hope.

But my writing IS better. Even though my life is slowly but surely turning to a mound of fecal matter, I still know that much is true. Earlier this week I began writing a book, hopefully my last go around of a project that’s been in my heart for many years. This morning I finished the first draft of my opening chapter.

I’m surprised by how quickly the words are piling on. So far we’ve reached some 21 pages and just over 7500 words. The first days were a bit off. I wrote eight pages, four of which I liked and four I thought were garbage. I threw the latter away and got to work again, and then something just sort of clicked and the gears started working. It has pretty much been my only reliable source of comfort these last few years, something that I do hope will turn into a career.

I’ll keep you all posted on progress. If things go at their current pace, I should have another chapter or two done by week’s end.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon.