Blog Overhaul

Well, I’m back in the saddle as far as this blog goes, and some of you may be wondering why the options at the top of the page have gone down.

The answer is there’s about to be some pretty big changes around here.

I’ve removed a number of tabs from the site, ones dealing with old scripts, the first three chapters of the novel I’d been writing, and an entire page dedicated to world building on my fantasy universe. I’ve removed all of these as I feel they no longer reflect my skills, and the project they were for is getting some much needed rest before I go after it again.

This entire blog is going to be re-worked into one that isn’t specifically devoted to Never Heroes, but rather a writer’s blog in general.

I’m currently debating whether or not I’ll be removing the concept art pages from here. Perhaps they’d be better to keep under wraps until an art book is released, if an art book is released.

I’m not ashamed of this project, and it will be finished. You can count on that. But looking back at this blog a few months after taking a break, and I look at it now as a testament to who I was three years ago, a kid fresh out of college who was still a little full of himself. That’s not who I am anymore, and that’s what this page needs to be. The content will still be saved for my own purposes, so somewhere down the line I can look back and have a good laugh. But you guys will be getting something totally new, and hopefully more representative the current state of the author.

Damned if I know exactly what it’ll be, but we’ll figure something out.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, and happy writing.

Where Have I Been?

It’s been over two months since I checked in to this little blog, so where have I been?

A lot has changed for me since my last post here. I left Los Angeles and moved back across the country to the Mid-West. I’ve moved in with a close friend of mine, got another job, picked up my secondhand work doing script coverage, and have been overall really, really busy.

So what of the writing dream? I know you’re all wondering just what became of the very thing I’ve been chatting about since this blog started back in 2014.

Rest assured, that dream is more alive than ever.

Los Angeles made it very difficult for me to concentrate. It can be hard to get a word out while choking in a sea of smog and traffic. Moving back to the Mid-West has been something of a writer’s dream come true. It’s far less crowded, far more quiet, the rent is cheap and resources are plentiful. This has put me into a world free of stress and troubles. Because of that, my writing has picked up rather nicely. Moving back here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since getting back here I’ve completed another short story, and am about a third of the way done with a horror/thriller novel I’ve been working on. I’ve been reading a lot too. I recently finished Stephen King’s Misery, which was as the reviews called it, a ‘white knuckler.’ I also dove headfirst into Crichton’s Jurassic Park for the first time, which was a similarly gruesome and unexpected surprise. Am about a third of the way through reading that. I think it’s a testament to the benefits of books that my writing style has vastly improved since taking up novels again. I’ll also be reading The Dark Tower, The Talisman, and Black House, before delving into the world of Middle Earth with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I’ve also been doing more paid work in writing, picking up the pace with script coverage and making more money than I ever have in the past. I’ve already made my rent for the month, which will make this the first time that reading and writing have been able to pay for my living expenses, an important milestone in the life of any artist, and something I’m deeply proud of.

Most importantly, I’m a different person. I may not be that much older than when this blog started in 2014, but those three years of being beat down, depressed, and challenged have given me a lot of time for reflection. I was a vain kid out of college who assumed I was the smartest person in the room. Turns it I’m a whole lot dumber than I would have liked to think I was. But realizing this has been beneficial as well. Knowing that has better allowed me to see the flaws in my writing, and work very hard to improve on them. I’ve found the key to my evolution was some much needed humility, and I intend to keep it.

It’s actually kind of funny to look back on most of this blog’s posts, which are dripping with way too much self assurance and not enough contemplation. I wasn’t growing as an artist because I believed, rather vainly, I was already a master. Realizing I still have a lot to learn has helped reveal the mountain still in front of me. Now the real climb has begun.

Will be getting back to you soon, and I hope reading this has been as pleasurable to you as it was for me to write it.