My New Mission

A warm hello to all you WordPress Writers.

It has been some time since I started this blog, and some time since I checked up on it. This last break took me about a year to complete. But now I’m back, and I have a new mission.

When I first started this blog, it was purely for promotion of my own work. Looking back on my older posts now has been a fascinating experience. I’m a much different person than the kid who started this blog in 2014. Back then I was a naive dreamer who believed in himself to a fault, and made the rather brazen decision to move out to the big city and take it by storm. Late 2014 through early 2018 were some of the most painful, yet informative years of my life. I moved back to the country in March of 2018 a much wiser person, taking with me all my dreams, and a nice side job covering scripts for writers with ambitions not unlike my own.

Much of this blog’s history was devoted to a passion project, namely a fantasy novel that went through several iterations but never quite got to where it needed to be. I ended up deciding to shelve the novel for a time to develop it properly, and then went on to work on another book. As of this post, the second draft of that book is almost finished, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I will share progress on my own work from time to time, but that’s no longer this blog’s mission. I want to help other writers who are where I was four years ago, and perhaps impart some of the wisdom I’ve picked up since then. I’ll talk about how my writing methods evolved, how my outlook on writing has changed, and other things that helped me improve as an artist.Β I’ll also share my insights as a script reader for competitions, and let you know some of the common mistakes I see, and how you can overcome them in both screenwriting and prose fiction.Β And don’t be surprised if you see the odd post about a recently viewed book or film. I’m a pop culture junkie, and sharing a story is one of my favorite past times.

For the purposes of this new mission, I’ve spent the last few hours going through the site, removing pieces that were no longer relevant and completely refurbishing overall presentation of the page. It’s been hard work and there’s still a lot more to be done, but this has nonetheless been a worthwhile journey.

In the meantime, come on in, pull up a seat by the fire, and lets get to work.Β I hope to connect with many of you who are struggling to figure out what you want to say with your work, and let you all know that no matter how bad it may seem, never give up the dream of mastering words. Remember, this is not a place where you’ll be talked down upon. I’ll struggle right along with you. So without further delay, let us begin.

Welcome to the Writer’s Forge.

5 thoughts on “My New Mission

  1. When I saw that you had liked two of my more recent posts, I was like “Whoa! Dude! Where have you been?” It seems like ages since you’ve been in the WordPress side of town. πŸ™‚ Glad to see you back!

    Liked by 1 person

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