Spielberg’s Misguided War

Steven Spielberg has attracted quite the controversy with his push to keep Netflix movies out of the Oscars. While it’s easy to paint him as a villain, closer inspection reveals perhaps his motives are less sinister and more based on sentimental memories.

My latest article at ScreenHub Entertainment is up, this one dealing with Spielberg’s statements following the Oscars, and a possible explanation for his motives.

Please enjoy the article at this link, and be sure to visit the page for a variety of other content!

2 thoughts on “Spielberg’s Misguided War

  1. They might be able to hold back the tide for a few more years, but soon enough there’ll just be a ‘That’s Entertainment’ award, that focuses on the product itself, not the platform, and maybe, just maybe, they won’t even be able to ‘buy’ votes … nah, that last bit won’t happen. 🙂

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    • It’ll happen eventually. I understand why Spielberg wants to preserve something that was very special to him. For some people a theater really does make a movie more powerful. For me, that never mattered.

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