Godzilla Hype

It’s going to be a bit before my next post comes out on the blog, mainly due to a shortage of ideas on just what to talk about. So while we’re waiting for that, how about we swing by ScreenHub to check out my latest article?

I’m a pretty big Godzilla nerd, and this new movie has me pumped for some over the top, ridiculous action like few others. As a fan, I see more than a few recognizable faces amongst the film’s monstrous ensemble, and thought it would be fun to go over the histories of Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan.

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Aliens Vs. Predator Retrospective

Yes, I’m a big fan of Alien, Predator and all related media. Well, except the Alien prequels, the AvP movies, most of the comics….

Let’s get back on track.

Last October, I typed of this retrospective on the crossover series, from its humble beginnings in comics, to its eventual decline following the ill fated attempts to put the concept to film. It’s a comprehensive look at one of the most unusual series in science fiction, and one of the best pieces I’ve written for Screenhub Entertainment. Today, I thought I’d share this piece with all of you. I hope you enjoy it.

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‘Alien: Isolation’ Review

Those who have followed this page are well aware of my love for the Alien series, so you can imagine how excited I got when Alien: Isolation was announced. After waiting with giddy anticipation, I finally picked this game up in 2016, and after a few months of hyping myself up, I finally sat down and played it.

The journey to beat this game was a two year long odyssey, but it is one of my favorite gaming experiences ever.

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