Novel Concept Art


Hello everyone. Welcome to our concept art page for the fantasy adventure novel, Never Heroes. On this page, we detail the evolution of each character’s appearance from first concept to latest. This will not only better display the type of story we are going for, but showcase the collaborative efforts between us to make something that we hope will be unique.

Three artists have been working on this book, our concept artist David Spada, who designs and creates detailed profiles of our various creatures, Joseph Buehrer, who illustrates the book and its cover, as well as designs the humanoid characters., and Cullen McCurdy, who has done loving digital renders of the various weapons to be found in the book.

Links to the pages for the artwork are included below, so click to your heart’s content.

First we have our hansom leading man, exquisitely designed by the talented beast sketcher, David Spada.



Detailed full body sketch of Zhyx the red dragon from the fantasy novel Never Heroes.


We have our leading man’s humble abode.

Zhyx’s Lair


3D Model of Zhyx the red dragon’s layer from the novel Never Heroes.


Up next are the character designs by our talented illustrator Joseph Buehrer.

Joseph Buehrer Character Designs


Earlier concept art for the character of Major Celice Arietta in the fantasy novel Never Heroes.


We have the dragon goddess and Matriarch, Saar’Jya, done again by the talented David Spada.



Detailed sketch of Saar’Jya the dragon deity with her snake like body and sail like wing from the novel Never Heroes.


David Spada delivers another fantastic monster with the monsterious villain dragon, Heavy.



First completed dragon of Heavy the dragon fully detailed in Never Heroes.


Here’s another one of our main villains, the devious and sinister Citch.



More concept art for Citch, one of the villains Never Heroes. Citch is creature known as a Horned Ravager and one of the principal villains.


The Iron Feeder, one of our original creations and the star antagonist of one of the book;s signature sequences.

The Iron Feeder


Final sketch of the iron feeder monster as seen in the fantasy novel Never Heroes.


Included in the links below are some of our greatest works, the detailed illustrations for the novel, every step of their meticulous creation documented so you may see them evolve to greatness from the first scribbles.

Chapter 1 Illustration Concept to Completion


The final illustration for the novel, Never Heroes. This images shows the colossal red dragon, Zhyx, towering over the adventurer Major Celice Arietta who has come to steal his favorite piece of treasure.

Chapter 2 Illustration Concept to Completion


Zhyx the red dragon is taunted by the dragon deity, the goddess Saar’Jya in this illustration from the fantasy adventure book series, Never Heroes.

Chapter 3 Illustration Concept to Completion


In this illustration, Zhyx the red dragon meets his longtime companion, River the Flatlander, for the first time in the fantasy adventure novel, Never Heroes.


As a special treat, here are the completed pages from back when this project was a graphic novel, also done by our illustrator, Joseph Buehrer.

Graphic Novel Pages


First panel of Never Heroes when it was in its early stages as a graphic novel. This panel shows Saar’Jya delivering the opening narration.


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