Chapter 1 Illustration Concept to Completion

Pictured here is the step by step process by which the illustration for Chapter 1 was created. Chapter 1 opens the book with a big rousing sequence of Major Celice Arietta and her elven wizard companion Hunter ‘Sparks’ Nightshadow steal the favorite piece of treasure from the feared Great Red Wyrm, Zhyx.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.17.07 PM

One of the things both Joseph and myself wanted to achieve with this illustration was show Zhyx’s size from the first picture. A colossus of fire and fury, Zhyx is a larger than life character in both personality and scope. The picture depicts the brave Major standing at the dragon’s feet, her size dwarfed even by his toes. This early illustration shows the scale.

Illustration 1 Further Stuff 2

After the above illustration, some design changes were made to the character, namely in the wings. Afterwards, Joseph erased and re-drew the necessary parts while keeping the rest. In the end, these alterations took mere hours, and vastly improved and already promising illustration.

Zhyx Intro

Zhyx Illustration 1 Update

By this point in the illustration, the image was more or less finalized in terms of design. Zhyx and the Major were completely realized, and just needed to be colored in. The next task was creating the background.

Zhyx Illustration 1 Updates


Pictured below is the creation of the background. We both felt that the Major was a tad big given our scaled images, so we shrunk her down to bring her to the appropriate size.

Zhyx Cave Encounter Finished

Zhyx Chapter 1

Some months later after the creation of the illustration for Chapter 3, Joseph felt that his already spectacular illustration for Chapter 1 didn’t measure up to his now greater skills. He improved the image on his own, coloring in Zhyx’s horned crown, adding far greater detail to his chest and neck, and giving the background a much more menacing and gloomy look. The final product is a fine illustration for the moment we meet our towering lead.

Zhyx Chapter 1


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