Hello, There!

Greetings and salutations, wordsmiths of the web! Welcome to our personal blog. Well, since you’ve at our cozy little home on the information highway, it seems introductions are in order?


My name is Eric Hanson and I’m a professional writer. I’ve written for two online film magazines, and am currently employed as a script reader for various contests. Stephen King always said he considered a writer talented if they could pay the bills with their work. I suppose handling my electric bill is a good start.

Over the last few years, I’ve also been working hard at developing my own personal projects, When this blog first began in 2014, it was primarily for the promotion of a passion project of mine. This project, a fantasy novel, went through many different iterations during the history of this blog. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t ready and I needed to develop it further before pressing on with it.

While I still plan to share updates on my own work, including a dark fantasy/horror novel that’s nearing completion, the real reason I’m here is for you. My new mission on this blog is to talk about the journey that all writers must go through, the challenges we face, and just how we can overcome them. I’ll share insights from my work in script coverage, tips on how to form better writing habits, share some fun ways to outline and develop ideas and more!

So get cozy by the fire, pick your tools, and lets start moulding your ideas into a story. Don’t be shy. All wordsmiths are welcome in our Writer’s Forge.