The Far One was a nightmare from which the world of Tygan could not awake. Some would say the world still has not. The evil first appeared in a farmer’s field in autumn. The nearby village was wiped from the face of the planet, the only survivor a stable boy driven mad by there mere sight of the creature.

Between his mad ramblings, the boy was able to tell that the creature made one sound that sounded vaguely like a word or a name, a sound he repeated over and over again.

“Assylyl. Assylyl. Assylyl.”

Hence forth, that became the monster’s title.

Little is known of this creature or where it came from, apart from the knowledge that it came from a place outside of the known universe that scholars have dubbed ‘The Further Beyond.’ Since Assylyl is a being that traveled across vast distances of time, space and even reality itself.

Early attempts to kill the monster were ineffective, Assylyl’s body capable of healing itself at an alarming rate. It could regenerate limbs and flesh, even his own head could grow back. Of his biology, it is known that each part of Assylyl has its own will and awareness, only dying upon being severed and cut off from the central life source. As long as it remains connected, these parts are more than capable of taking the place of Assylyl’s severed head.

With these powers, Assylyl had no trouble filling his incurable appetite. He would attack cities and consume the inhabitants, only sparing their lives if they would assist him in finding more food. It was these first traitors to the world who formed his army, the Followers. Though sane when they join him, constant exposure to his presence renders most of them incurably mad.

Assylyl brought with him the components of a machine, a machine known as the Spire. A colossal black spike that cut into the sky, and would act as a beacon to call others of his kind to Tygan, surely plunging it into oblivion. As he forced his army to construct the Spire, it seemed nothing could stop the Far One. Then one day he had an altercation with an elder wyrm.

Though Assylyl won the fight, the dragon’s fire cauterized his wounds, preventing them from healing and leaving him vulnerable to attack. Fearing what would happen to him if all of dragonkind stood against him, Assylyl and his Followers enacted a campaign of genocide against the elder race of the skies, nearly driving the species to extinction in the process.

It was only when a lone female wyrm joined forces with a revered dwarven hero named Davies the Kind that the world got its first glimpse of hope. Over the next few decades, the two lead the people of Tygan against the Far One, and would eventually defeat Assylyl before the Spire could be lit. That was almost a thousand years ago. The Followers are seemingly a few scattered collections of cultists, and the Spire has been taken apart, its pieces spread to the four winds.

In that time, the memory of Assylyl has faded, and the world has managed to recover somewhat, but some cannot help but notice an ominous and familier presence making itself known again. With his Followers re-mobilizing and pieces of the Spire going missing, some fear that one day, the Far One may return.

Heavy WordPress


Heavy, along with Zhyx, is one of Tygan’s few remaining elder wyrms who survived the reign of the Far One. Unlike other survivors however, Heavy did not earn his life by way of tenacity and willpower. Heavy earned his life by turning traitor for his own desire for power.

He gave up many dragons to the Far One to be exterminated, becoming their biggest enemy apart from Assylyl himself. As a reward from the Far One, Heavy was given the sunken city of Reuel, which he excavated from the bottom of the sea with slave labor from his fellow wyrms. Upon the Far One’s apparent death, Heavy allowed generations upon generations of Assylyl’s army to train and prepare for their master’s eventual return.

Since Assylyl’s death, Heavy has been the commander of the Followers, and fancies himself just as frightening as his former master. He deals out many of the same punishments for insubordination, including eating those that displease him. It is no secret that Heavy cares very little about his guests, only viewing them as a means to pursue his own ambitions. He regularly gets into conflict with Citch, one of his underlings who constantly challenges his power.

What Heavy lacks in intellect he makes up for in godlike strength. Massive and brutish, he remains one of the greatest assets of the Followers. Heavy’s deeds were often exploited by Assylyl’s Followers to make the populace fear and hate dragons even more, causing more to be killed and remove any that could oppose their master.

The elder wyrm plans on being second only to Assylyl himself once the Far One returns, becoming the unquestioned ruler of what little dragons will remain in the world to come. He will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, and in his own delusional mind, become a god.

Heavy is extremely vain, narcissistic and megalomaniacal. So vain was he that he refused to sacrifice any of his magic essence in order to complete a quest for the Followers. He takes a very condescending attitude towards Citch, whom he refers to as ‘Citchy-Coo.’ Everyone else who defies him is met with threats of violence. That is if he doesn’t eat them first.



Citch is a creature known as a Horned Ravager, a notorious species that is as reclusive as it is dangerous.

Citch was born and raised in the southern wilds, where he would regularly attack caravans for food, supplies and of course personal amusement. It is presumed that the Followers were among these caravans, which is where he heard of the Far One’s reign and his eventual return.

In spite of the reputation of the species, Citch is the only Horned Ravager known to be in the Followers.

Ruthless and cold blooded, Citch may well be the most dangerous individual in Assylyl’s collective outside of Heavy. Highly cerebral individual, Citch is in constant conflict with Heavy over who is best suited to lead the collective beneath the sunken city of Reuel. Though Citch is easily the smarter of the two, he has not been able to ascend to absolute power purely due to Heavy’s strength.

In spite of his ruthless nature, he does have certain ethics. He always repays a debt, such as preventing Slight from being killed due to the knight saving his life, and regularly criticizes Heavy for putting their soldiers in unnecessarily risky situations.

Citch seldom shows emotion, only doing so when things don’t go according to plan. His best weapon is knowing how to get inside the head of his enemy, so much so that he has been able to get Heavy to stand down on several occasions amidst his threats. Though he operates on a more mental level most of the time, Citch is still very lethal in hand to hand combat, his entire body a deadly weapon.

The ravager has made clever use of the famed knight, Sir Slight Fairborn, employing him to gather information of the goings on in the outside world, and also using him to play Assylyl’s enemies off against each other. With Slight’s grand reputation, he doesn’t have much trouble. As such, Citch and Slight seldom stray far from each other.

Though he remains largely in the shadows for the time being, he has been listed as someone of extreme concern by those seeking to defeat the Followers.

Slight - Copy


Sir Slight Fairborn is classic knight and a hero. He has partaken in many heroic deeds, fought in many historical wars, saved countless lives, slain countless dragons, has a degree from one of the most prestigious schools on the planet, and even held a teaching position for a few years before continuing his adventures that have been documented the world over. He remains one of the most well known and beloved figures currently alive in the country of Haiden.

He is also, unknown to those who revere him, pure evil.

Slight has always been an elitist who scoffed at the peasantry, and only saved them when it was convenient for his fame. During his tenure in school, he studied alongside his brother, Butoric Owand. After the two survived war together, Butoric became an alcoholic.

Seeking to cure him, Slight purchased a Flatlander woman from the sex slave market and forced her to marry the stricken knight. In the end, the woman became a mere punching bag for Butoric, even after she mothered his child, a son. Slight blamed the woman for not curing his brother, and when the woman finally killed Butoric in order to protect their son from abuse, Slight murdered her, locked the child in a closet, and set their cabin aflame.

Slight eventually became bored with life in peace time. Seeking to reclaim his glory days as a wyrm hunter, Slight at some point became attracted to stories of the rewards Assylyl’s Followers were promised. He earned their favor by rescuing Citch in the midst of a fierce battle, and assisting the Ravager in his escape. After again lying his way out of trouble, he has since aided the Followers in their quest to herald Assylyl’s return, so that his Spire may be lit.

Slight still operates the way a traditional knight would, though with a twisted version of honor. He is very loyal to anyone whom he views as his king, though his idea of a king is not someone who upholds truth and justice, but someone who can give him something in return. As such, the Far One has become Slight’s king, the first king he may be willing to die for, for he has promised the knight something far greater than treasure.


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