Novel Sample Chapters

Greetings mortals, I am an author and this is the odyssey of that most ancient and feared creature known as the dragon, in a legend known as Never Heroes.

Never Heroes is an exciting oddity that tells of a selfish and malicious dragon known as Zhyx who is unwillingly pulled into an adventure by a brazen band of misfit adventurers. They blackmail the elder wyrm into joining them on a quest to destroy a great evil that threatens the world, something that only Zhyx, whom the characters nickname ‘Red’ has even a remote chance at beating.

His life taken out of his hands by circumstances beyond his control, ‘Red’ grudgingly accepts the task if only to return to his former life. This goal proves to be more difficult than he could ever imagine. As he becomes increasingly involved in the quest and the lives of his companions, it soon becomes clear that he is the hero the world needs.

Never Heroes is the first in a proposed series of four books, and the first three chapters will be available here for free, updated regularly as any new edits come in. Feel free to read at your leisure and leave any constructive criticisms you may have in the comments. This will help me and my editor better prepare the manuscript for its soon to begin run as we search for an agent, and hopefully, a publisher.

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Great Red Wyrm

Chapter 2: The Flatlander

Chapter 3: A Ganbury Stroll



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