VIDEO – Temple of Doom and My Attempt at Internet Reviewing

When I was a kid, there was one movie series that topped all the rest. It was the first time I ever remembered watching a movie, the first movie that ever left an impression on me, and the first series I ever became invested in.

That series was Indiana Jones.

Yes, this is the series I love more than Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Alien.

The kinetic action of the original trilogy is still impressive to this day. Last Crusade was the first one I saw since I was born shortly before its theatrical release. The series is special to me for a number of other reasons. Harrison Ford was one of the first actors I ever recognized as having been in something else, Star Wars being the other. But it wasn’t until I recognized  Ke Huy Quan who played Short Round as being the same actor who played Data in The Goonies that I realized “Someone has to make this.” Before then I guess I thought movies spontaneously came to be. But seeing him made me realize it was an art form, and I resolved to figure out its magic tricks.

Though many arguments can be made of Raiders and Crusade being objectively better, Temple of Doom was the one I watched the most. The action and environments in it are simply breathtaking, and the final twenty minutes of the movie are such a relentless onslaught of action and set pieces that I am hard pressed to think of anything that comes close in another film.

True the screenplay isn’t as flawlessly executed as the one in Raiders, and it lacks the emotional potency of Crusade, but Temple of Doom remains by far the most creative entry in the series. from its James Bond style opening sequence to the final action vignette on the rope bridge.

Upon discovering the internet, I was honestly quite surprised that Temple of Doom got as much backlash as it did, even some people calling Crystal Skull a better film. Uh, hello? Nothing can be better than Mola Ram ripping a guy’s heart out. Sure some of the characters may be a little annoying, but I think it is unfair to dismiss an entire movie on that basis alone. Some of the sequences may also stretch the rules a little bit, but then again, don’t most action movies?

After a certain Nostalgia Critic ripped the movie to pieces, I resolved to explain my love for the film, taking on its criticisms point by point. Thus began my first venture into the world of internet reviewing. My review was not the usual screaming at something you don’t like formula. I wanted to do something more positive, expressing my love for the film while still working in a few jokes and references here and there. Spoony once said it is hard to get comedic when expressing affection for something, so I thought I would give it a shot.

So, back in 2014, shortly before my graduation, I wrote a script, ripped the footage from my DVDs, and shot me a video. The end result was this three part series running about 30 or so minutes. Could have been better, my nerdy voice certainly doesn’t help, and there are a few jokes that simply don’t work. In the end though, I enjoyed it, and hope you can as well. So please, sit back and enjoy me gushing over what remains to this day one of my all time favorite movies.

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