VIDEO – Joe & Eric Watch I Spit on Your Grave

Though it would be interesting if all of you could get to know a few of us as individuals.

Artist Joseph Buehrer and I are actually very good friends, and we regularly hang out whenever possible. During a visit to Ohio last December, Joe and I got together and finished a little side project of ours, a V Log we had teased a few months prior.

You see, Joe and I have a little series. I, being a fan of exploitation and horror films, show Joe some movies that have managed to elude him, such as Videodrome and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In return, Joe delves into his expertise of anime and shows me films like Afro Samurai and Ghost in the Shell 2.

In this video, we watch the notorious cult film I Spit On Your Grave, Roger Ebert’s most hated film, and tape our reactions to it before providing our final thoughts.

Though this video was shot back in December, there were lots of transfer problems which ended up marring the final video. Since the raw footage still exists, I will eventually be able to provide a much cleaner image for the channel.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

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