The Five Moons


A sky can do a lot to make a world appear more fantastic, and the sky of Tygan is no exception. Boasting five moons, the sky also gave rise to many stories to enhance the mythos and history of this book. In creating these moons, I took a look at some of the larger satellites in our own solar system to find features, colors, and types that displayed what this world needed. All of these moons are from actual NASA photographs, though they have been altered slightly to better fit the bill.

The Five Moons Smaller

By far the most impressive moon is the great Giax, the largest moon in the sky. With a spectacular ring system, it is the crown jewel of Tygan’s nights. Giax gained its unique visage from a long ago asteroid impact, whose scars are still very visible. Decreasing its size dramatically, it also peppered the skies around the moon with trillions of satellites, which would eventually become finely ground enough to give birth to its rings.

Giax with Rings 2 Tilted

Up next are the beautiful Choros and desolate Ravak. The two moons are very similar in size, though Choros is slightly larger. Choros is also far more beautiful, covered in a soft blue hue to make it the brightest object in the night sky. Ravak, with its dusty surface, is a dull brownish red color, and has been subject to many myths and legends detailing its negative influences on the people of Tygan. Still, their similar size gives the two a strange kind of relationship, reflected in some of Tygan’s legends.


The two smaller moons, Shai and Aolon are also largely in contrast to each other. Shai’s white landscape peppered with blue streaks make it one of the more popular gems in the sky. It fairs far better than Aolon, the smallest moon, its blank grey surface gouged with a great scar right down the middle.



The moons of Tygan birthed many great folk tales across the world, from humans to elves and even dragons, each providing a unique insight into the culture and traditions of Tygans diverse populace.

Lets face it. Having a moon with a ring system is just very neat, and sometimes the smallest touches can go a long way in spicing up a universe.


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